Holy Week

April 13, 2014

“Holy Week is the most significant week of the year for Christian worship.  During this week the church remembers the events of Christ’s passion and death. The attention of the worshiper during this week is directed to the Lamb of God, the Suffering Servant, the Savior of the world.  In worship the church traces Jesus’ life through the events of the last days before his death.  In doing so, it sees again its own sin and failure, but marvels at the love of Christ for the world. This is a week for careful attention, prayer-filled reverence and profound wonder at the love of God shown in Jesus. “

- The Services of The Christian Year
Robert F. Webber, Editor

This week is designated as Holy Week, but whether it is or not is really up to you.  We tend to think that Holy means it must be God’s doing, but, if something is going to be “holy” it in many ways depends on our attitude, our commitment and our choices.   As the quote above says, Holy Week is “a week for careful attention, prayer-filled reverence and profound wonder.”  Those must come from us even if they are spirit led and inspired.

The calendar will click through even if you don’t choose to make the week “holy.”  Palm Sunday will roll on, we will wave palm branches, sing Hosanna and be told about Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  Maundy Thursday will be here whether or not we choose to observe it with a communion meal (we actually don’t do that-here we tend to combine Maundy Thursday with Good Friday).  Friday will come after Thursday whether or not we say an extra prayer this week.  The story will be told around the world of Jesus crucifixion and Christians will be called to an awareness of the cost of our sins.  And then Easter will be here soon enough and the week will be over.  We will be breakfasting together next Sunday, greeting each other with the news of the resurrection, then eating meals with family, making up for lost time without chocolate (OK, that is me projecting here) and enjoying a long weekend.  But, will it be holy?

I have included the definition of Holy here, for our reflection, so we can begin to understand what exactly is our responsibility in this week.  As we trace through the events of the last days before Jesus death, are we going to make our week about the Lamb of God, the Suffering Servant and the Saviour of the World?  This is a week where we can encounter Jesus Christ and his grace in his story.  The power of Holy Week is there for the taking, but we need to take it.

Are we going to dedicate this week to God?  Are we going to  consecrate this week for a sacred purpose?  A Holy week would be devoted to the service of God.  Will this week be that for you?  Say yes to the invitation and have a holy week.

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